As a company, we believe we can and must make a positive impact on our environment by means of our creative integrity. D/DOCK develops honest and effective spaces for humans, nature and society. We are a team of architects, engineers, designers,  creatives,  psychologists,  and project managers who design for the human scale, from the inside out.

What do we do?

We create and realize designs and concepts that go beyond the physical and aesthetics alone by constantly challenging dogmas. Sustainable solutions that are future-proof and built around human requirements and creating the new economy. At D/DOCK we like to color outside the lines. This attitude evolved into a constant hunger for new opportunities, working on both domestic and international projects.`

We collaborate with national and international respected clients, operating in countries like Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong and China. For the APAC region, we established a sustainable partnership for D/DOCK China. A team of local designers from Chengdu and Shanghai collaborate with our team in Amsterdam.

We adopt a multidisciplinary working method in which concept development, design, project management, turnkey build and consultancy are the ingredients. In work environments, healthcare, education, retail and hospitality or blended-use buildings. Solutions that fit today’s changing reality and the future of tomorrow.

At D/DOCK, creativity is leading, supported by research, environmental psychology and skillful design. So we thoroughly understand how spaces are used and the role they play in people’s behaviour and wellbeing.

Read more backgrounds in Our Stories, check out our projects and get to know the D/DOCK people. We engage with real estate&impact development: here’s how.

This is how we describe our Healing Office methodology and our Learning Landscapes approach. Our new kid on the block MEOW is growing rapidly and soon you’ll hear more news about Furnify and ReDock.

It is our mission to create social, environmental and economic change by rethinking the way we live.




ReDock is a collaboration between companies and designers with the common goal to create a model of living, working and learning that is an example of how we need to live to create and sustain a healthy planet for the years to come. The desired outcome is a variety of ReDock-villages across the globe that demonstrate how a balanced and sustainable world can actually become reality. www.redock.org


FURNIFY connects two worlds

As an unique organization, Furnify connects the increasing requests for second life furniture to the current offering of used interiors. Furnify is taking this lead now for years, because in stead of burdening the world with the production of new furniture, Furnify makes use of extising furniture. www.furnify.nl