Covid-19 relieved us of our past routines — we can do better than going back to normal.

What opportunities might fit your organization?
Let’s discuss how we can guide you through this journey of transformation of your work environment.

Is it time to completely change your offices into community hubs? What reason will you give your employees to return to the office in the near future?
Based on our Healing Offices we’ll rethink your work strategy together with you and our partners.

Is it time to blend more functionalities in one building? Like in ‘t Huys in Hotel De L’Europe, where longstay, creatives and brands are welcomed to work together under one roof.

Or do you opt for a big transformation like ABNAMRO aims for, where we will be working on rethinking the way ABNAMRO will work, educate and live. Currently the new concept design blueprint is being developed, based on the Real Estate strategy. In collaboration with Edge Technologies, we will create a new homebase of 98.000 m2 at the Foppingadreef in Amsterdam.

Practice what we preach
In our own new homebase DB55 in the Amsterdam Houthavens, we see change as an opportunity to innovate. That’s why, after more than a decade, we will say goodbye to our beloved studio in the centre of Amsterdam. We are moving to our new home of 1.040 m2. DB55 will be our prototype of the future of work; a creative and conscious business community where innovation, education and celebration meet. Partners and like-minded spirits will drop by, collaborate, create, experiment, exhibit, eat, drink and have fun. We would love to see you at DB55 in April 2021.

With Furnify we offer a method for circular design&build, so your new environment can showcase how second life furniture and materials can be reused.

It is our mission to create social environmental and economic change by thinking beyond the office


Coen van Dijck (our CEO): “We are now seeing a clear ‘office culture change’ emerging. Control has turned to trust. You simply cannot check whether your employees are working at home and the company usually appears to function well. The boss has learned to let go in the past year. Employees are given the confidence to work where and when they want. This means that people will soon return to the office because they want to, not because they have to. And generally people go to the office to work with colleagues, to socialize and to concentrate. At the same time, entire floors have been filled with open-plan offices, in which the employees stare at their screens row by row, from 9 am to 5 pm with headphones, while they are hindered by drafts, noise and the lack of privacy. There is thus an enormous discrepancy between supply and need. That is why we are now working on large-scale adjustments to the work environment for a number of large companies, in order to meet the wishes of the employees in the post-Corona era. In the long term, companies will reduce their rental costs by 10-20% and these savings will partly be spent on everything to do with “remote working”. Think of IT, alternative workplaces, home workplaces and, more importantly in these times, team building.”

D/DOCK designs offices for multinationals such as Google, Microsoft, ABNAMRO, Philips and Facebook, calculated that no less than 40% of the regular workplaces will be transformed into spaces for collaboration and concentrated work. We expect 2021 to be a turning point in the way we use our offices.

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