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“Who you are, is knowing where you come from, being able to build the future from the now.”  

The Atrium building in the Achmea office in Apeldoorn has been transformed from a normal walk-through hallway into a dynamic meeting place with a cozy square. Here you can relax for a healthy snack or a conversation with a colleague. The design is done by Furnify, and execution is done by Human Office.

At Achmea, we contribute to a healthy, safe and future-proof society and aim that our working environment reflects our strategic themes. Practice what you preach.” – Renate van den Bosch, Business Development and Innovation Advisor, Achmea.

Sustainable Choice
Good design contributes to the well-being and happiness of the employee. An important aspect of this is the sense of choice; diversity in landscape, need for nature, quality acoustics, as well as fresh air and light. In addition, it was Achmea’s wish to do the redesign as sustainable as possible, with second life furniture, sustainable floor finishes and the re-use of walls. Examples of this are the sustainable carpet in collaboration with Interface and second life furniture from Human Office.

Employee Vitality  
By introducing diversity into ‘the landscape’ design, with themes like meeting, working, relaxing and discovering, the vitality of the employees is stimulated. We divided the hall into three different zones. The Active Zone, with a kiosk and a cozy terrace. The Meeting Zone, in the center of the hall where the large tree symbolizes a market square and The Silence Zone as a working area.

The Story behind the interior 
Design has played an important role throughout the history of the identity of Achmea.

In the first phase of the design process we always look for the identity and story behind a company. Because we believe that who you are is knowing where you come from, being able to build the future from the now. So we gave the old furniture and art of the organization a new place in the re-design.

Our Common DNA 
The collaboration with Achmea is going extraordinarily well. They have a clear mission in mind which makes for a seamless working relationship. With sustainability as our common DNA we are the perfect match and are continually reinforcing each other.

Stay tuned, more projects to come …

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Wooden block: Wood originated from the city centre of Apeldoorn.

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Greenery: two functionalities: for privacy and for acoustics

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Change of function: from old gymnastics buck, to a brainstorm high table

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