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This common area, called the Atrium of the Achmea Offices in Zeist, is located in the heart of the building. It’s also the beating heart of the organization, where employees have a little chat with a colleague or drink a coffee, where events are hosted (from 30 to 300 people) and where seminars or workshops take place.

We created a lively space which is super quick and easy to transform to another setting. For an event the grandstand is used by the audience to sit on, but if there is no event taking place, the furniture can be stored underneath the grandstand. All items are mobile, so quick-movers.

Furnify can add this Atrium to the list of Achmea-projects (Apeldoorn and Tilburg) and we are happy this relationship is as sustainable as the work we’re doing. With circularity as our common DNA we are the perfect match and are continually reinforcing each other. Soon we’ll be able to show you more Achmea-projects.

(*photos by Achmea, taken Pre-Covid-period)


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