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This Achmea location in Tilburg needed a circular refreshment. The two wings of this insurance company-floors were not connecting with each other anymore, they missed the feeling of its original identity. Our team created a complete transformational design, in which the four key domains (living, welfare, entrepreneurship and mobility) of this company are shown with a little wink and a smile.

Furthermore, this design reflects the daily challenges the employees and their customers deal with, by using natural elements. You might discover wind and clouds in the patterns around you. Some of those are more turbulent like on the glass walls of the living areas, to create more privacy; some patterns are more open (like on the curtains) to give the space a transparent feeling.

Matter of course we strived to only reuse furniture pieces and materials. 
In this project, we implemented unique items which are nowhere else to be found. Together with our partner HumanOffice we set up the complete sourcing process. HumanOffice is responsible for the execution of this project.

Our Common DNA 
The collaboration with Achmea is going extraordinarily well. They have a clear mission in mind which makes for a seamless working relationship. With sustainability as our common DNA we are the perfect match and are continually reinforcing each other.


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Living - In these cozy settings it feels like you are in a living room, here you can arrange meetings or have an informal chat with a colleague.

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Welfare - We opened up the café-area and made it into a welcoming community place, which makes it attractive to meet each other, to have a drink or a bite. Or to do some work as well.

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Entrepreneurship - Old drawer-blocks are reused and transformed into seatings, the cushions are made out of old Achmea banner flags. The pantry consists of reused wood, complemented with old fruit crates. Our designers did not stop here, in the brainstorm/meeting space, they’ve build a grandstand from old drawer-blocks.

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Mobility - The racing bike is of course not to be cycling on, but it’s a big table to have standups and to be inspired to move. The two suitcase-tables also symbolize movement and traveling.

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To make a partition wall which was not just functional, but also good looking, we’ve chosen to create it from a bunch of North Tiles (design by the brothers Bouroullec). These tiles are reused from a project from our partner D/DOCK  (Microsoft). Many years ago, the Microsoft-team took inspiration from these Achmea-offices for their Het Nieuwe Werken-environment. Now these tiles are saved from Microsoft latest renovation and implemented in back into this new workenvironment. This is what we like so much about our work: to close the circle. See the chair-seatings? We connected them all together to one big piece. We think the finishing touch of this space, are the special carpet tiles. Supplier Interface produced these tiles from used fishing nets which origin from Phillipines fishermen who clean the sea and the beaches. With the ‘leftover’ tiles from this part of the floor, we we’re able to get rid of 2 big carpets which did not fit the design. These ‘leftover’ tiles give a nicer feel to the workspace.

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