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Achmea is the largest insurance company of the Netherlands. They approached Furnify for another project: a circular boardroom for their Tilburg office.

With a lot of attention to detail, we approached this project as our client requested: circular & sophisticated. The biggest compliment we got when one of the boardmembers experienced our result for the first time and stated: “When walking in the boardroom, I fell in love with the space”.

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Axo concept phase

Supply-Driven Design (SDD)

The circular design process is completely different from the traditional, as the available materials and products are leading. We call this method “Supply-Driven Design (SDD)”. This method is the foundation of the circular transition we are now in. Several items that were used for our Supply-Driven Design were the interior elements our client already had in their office, supplemented with our own stock of second life furniture and materials.

Client request

The space was originally planned to host workshops, brainstorm sessions and meetings. Having quickly found out it was hardly being used like that, and lacking a unified design, they approached us with a request to make the space more sophisticated and representative for staff to have formal meetings there. From the location visit and briefing on, the goal was clear for us. Design an elevated and vibrant space, where at least 10 people could have a meeting.


The meeting area with sliding window panels from reclaimed wood to filter the light.

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Detailing of the circular carpet, recycled plastic top and sustainable fabric.


Design concept

We first gravitated towards having a focused design on the heart of the boardroom; a strong metal core bringing the space together with warm colours and texture whilst also playing with the light coming in from all around the core. Secondly, there was a big need for flexibility in the space, from being able to change it around to Achmea’s liking to having different typologies of seating. This way they would be able to use the space in a multi-functional way.

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Current layout (left) with alternative and flexible set up (right).


360 degrees view with abundance of daylight

The boardroom has a beautiful 360 degrees view over the city of Tilburg. The main challenge was dealing with this panorama view that was bringing a lot of light in. We developed some ways to capture or break up that incoming light: Feature wall with bottles, sliding window panels and the metal core section – which were all custom made.

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The metal core is custom made, full of details and has a huge impact on the space.

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Circular Turnkey Ambitions of Furnify

With this project we didn’t only deliver second life furniture, we delivered the entire fit-out. As part of our company ambition, we expect more clients to ask for complete circular design & build works.

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Achmea’s own poufs where in perfect condition to be reused. By reupholstering them we integrated the poufs into the design. They provide the perfect setting for a quick email or phone call.


Collaborations with our partners

In our view, Circular Design & Build is only possible when you collaborate closely with professional and experienced suppliers and contractors. To make sure every single aspect of the design was matching and true to the concept, we worked very close with our circular partners Human Office, Mirato and Maakhenk.

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“I’d like to see circularity as the ultimate form of creativity. For me, this project proves once more that sustainable design does not mean compromising on aesthetics or quality.”

says Clarice, circular accelerator @Furnify.

All is possible, when working closely together with our client and partners as we help them accelerate their circular ambitions even further.

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