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D/DOCK is currently working on the creation of both the final interior design and the façade design of the Bosch showroom in Shanghai. For the design of this high-end showroom, which covers a total of 350 square meters, we have joined forces with our partner D/DOCK China. The showroom will be the stage of three show kitchens, each designed for another target group. The ‘white kitchen’ is specially designed to fit the daily family life, the ‘black’ kitchen suits the thirty-something couple living in the city and the third kitchen will serve as the demo kitchen for the cooking classes. The showroom will be designed according to our previous design of B/S/H/ Huishoudapparaten in Hoofddorp. Similar to Hoofddorp, the distinctive Bosch branding will be implemented throughout the showroom by the use of flexible panels, sliding elements and interactive displays.

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