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Bain & Company is one of the world’s leading management consulting firms. Their Dutch HQ is located on the 24th and 25th floor of the iconic Rembrandttower, the highest building in Amsterdam.
As part of their company growth and office re-design plans, Bain decided to add the top floor – the 32nd – as Bain community floor.

D/DOCK actually won the assignment by challenging the pitch documents. Because Bain is a company that likes to think bold, they appreciated our critical approach.

The project has been a great example of true co-creation. We closely worked together with 5 specialist Bain teams to create their very own Bain office 2.0.

The 4 C’s were leading the design: Concentration, Contemplation, Collaboration and Communication.

An important design choice concerned the work environments. The managers offices were made hybrid, so that they can be used for meetings & presentations when not in use. This addition meant an interesting change in usage of the floors. Because these offices were relocated to the core of the building, the entire office floor has fantastic 360 degree views over the city and abundant day light everywhere.

To ensure the open floors cause no acoustic problems between the teams, we created buffer Hubs between each team. A zone that carries a supported function for a particular type of work or moment in your day. For example, there is the Partner / Manager hub, Workshop hub, Library hub, but also a Meditation hub. A place to grab your time for contemplation.

We also wanted to make the design more human, less corporate. People like to get recognition and find something of themselves. Personal items, planting, and refined art make the floors warm and inviting. And true human office.

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