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In 2011, Bosch & Siemens (manufacturers of home appliances) merged their head quarters into one building as subsidiaries of the same corporation. D/DOCK was asked to design an office for each subsidiaries with flexible work stations to adapt to changes and crossovers in department and a large common area where employees can come together for informal meetings and calls.

The new office was a two-level, 8000 m2 space in the Cradle to Cradle business park Park 20|20 in Hoofddorp, originally designed by founder and concept creator of the C2C principal: William McDonough and partners.

Furnify was in charge of the delivery of all second hand furniture and accessories for this first Cradle to Cradle office in the Netherlands. Old pallets were cut down to build sofas, dressers and desks. Organic shapes were cut out of old carpet and repurposed as area rugs. Furnify sourced and refurbished a large number of vintage chairs via the local Craigslist and even someone’s grandmother’s sofa was reupholstered.

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