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First established in 1896, De L’Europe Amsterdam is one of the standard-bearers in the city’s luxury hotel scene. Recently, it was reborn through a contemporary lens, while still paying homage to the Dutch Masters. “We don’t like to throw away the useful items and start from scratch,” says Dax Roll, cofounder of interiordesign firm Nicemakers. “We wanted to bring back the hotel’s original allure and its classic luxury but without getting an old-fashioned or dusty feeling.”

The renovated ground floor with the new wing ‘t Huys opened its doors in March 2020. This a place where local icons, hotel guests and city locals come together under one roof. It is a place for kinship and connection. Current world events accelerated the idea to strengthen the collaborative nature of a creative hub in ‘t Huys.


Joyce and Dax Roll, owners of Nicemakers: “The redesign of this iconic hotel is a special
moment in our career. We gain a lot of confidence and freedom from De L’Europe for this wonderful project. We have immersed ourselves in the beautiful and rich history to make both existing and new guests feel welcome. The unique location means that you can observe, look inside and enter the hotel from different sides. The ‘opening’ of new spaces invites you to discover the hotel.”

Managing director Hotel De L’Europe Edward Leenders: “We are very proud to be able to show our newly renovated hotel to our guests and local visitors. The entire ground floor has been given a completely new interior, both the lobby and the restaurants and, in addition to the hotel, also the new wing with ‘t Huys, where you can experience the essence of Amsterdam. The result of the interior is warm, intimate with finesse and is a reflection of the grandeur of the rich history of our hotel.”

“We are using design to introduce a concept with which we connect the hotel with the city”

This holistic concept was dreamt up by D/DOCK, Hotel De L’ Europe and supported by Nicemakers. These three parties already have been working together on the renovation and forged a strong connection with a common drive to innovate, a great foundation for the continuation of this project.
The team’s main question was: How can we generate more liveliness in this beautiful iconic building? The answer is a Community Residence that offers entrepreneurs, creative talent and brand builders the opportunity to move into new parttime residencies slash office spaces slash studios.


Nicemakers created different interior styles to meet the personal taste of each new occupant or guest. Dax and Joyce Roll have already moved into ‘t Huys as ‘designers- in-residence’. The D/DOCK team will soon move in as ‘creators- in-residence’.
The ‘artist-in-residence’ program offers talented artists an inspiring space to work and live for the duration of their residency. The young French painter De Rrusie (1993) is the first artist selected
for this program and lives and works in ‘t Huys. De Rrusie is best known for his large intuitive and poetic paintings that are inspired by the sky. His solo exhibition in the De L’Europe hotel opens at the end of year 2020.

Coen van Dijck (CEO D/DOCK) emphasizes the fact that his organization focusses on this ‘blending‘ method in their projects for some time now: “By mixing specific functionalities, also named ‘blended-use‘, one can enrich the complete building. These times spaces are no longer used for just one functionality. It’s about merging different disciplines with similar values and generating unexpected crossovers. The plan to open up De L’Europe for other businesses found ground a while ago, but the Corona-crisis accelerated this movement. As we speak, we are talking to several organisations which will be adding value for ‘t Huys and will move in as resident soon. We aim for mainly Amsterdam-based brands to keep the city connected to the building.”
D/DOCK and De L’Europe create a diverse representation of some of the best creative entrepreneurs from different areas and disciplines, with the goal to enforce the hotel’s brand values.

‘t Huys is a place where hospitality, luxury and social activities are taking place, it is an osmotic environment characterized by a reciprocal influence or exchange between different individuals or companies by a mutual interpretation of ideas, attitudes or cultural realities. It is a place where time expands and rarefies into a deep experience. The residents represent the ‘family’ of ‘t Huys.

Franceso Messori (Creative Director D/DOCK): “As the Family, we see a natural mix of people with different roles, activities, backgrounds and network which can be divided in different areas: The traders, the creators, the makers, the thinkers, the socializers, the carers and the performers. The idea is that all these different identities interact with each other and ‘keep their door open’ to new guests, encounters and adventures. By means of multidisciplinary events, creative games, co-creations, ‘campfire-sessions’ where every topic is seen and elaborated by different point of views.”

Soon we will be able to announce which organizations, brands, artists and performers will be added as residents of ‘t Huys. Current residents: MENDO Bookstore, painter De Rrusie, The Wunderkammer Florists&Decoraters, Nicemakers, D/DOCK, Skins Spa and Italian Trattoria Graziella.

Interior Color Photography by Alan Jensen / James Stoker


10. Dle Interior Mendo Klein

MENDO Bookstore

De L'europe Amsterdam Heinekenkamer
12. Dle Interior Graziella
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Heinekenkamer, Trattoria Graziella, Reception Hotel De L'Europe

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11. Dle Interior The Wunderkammer

The Wunderkammer

De L'europe Amsterdam Brouwerskamer 2
De L'europe Amsterdam Spiegelkamer Web

Brouwerskamer, Spiegelkamer Hotel De L'Europe

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