DGTL Mainstage Amsterdam

Modular Mainstage

DGTL was looking for a unique stage that fits their new developed identity, and sustainability beliefs. A stage that will help expand DGTL abroad. This stage needs to be recognisable for DGTL and the their newest theme ‘modularity’. Our in-house partner Nachtlab Agency developed the Modular Mainstage inspired by Sol LeWitt’s use of open, modular structures that lead him to “remove the skin altogether and reveal the structure”.

The stage design system’s components may be separated and recombined, with the ability to alter the work by reconfiguring, adding or removing its components. A framework that lends itself for endless reconstruction, thus creating a multiplicity of shapes and forms that are occupied by the elements of show. The functional components are integrated in the reusable modules, reducing costs by making use of industry standards. The stage is flexible in its design and augmentation through the possibility of adding newly designed modules over time. Endless combinations, guaranteeing a suitable stage for venues in all sizes worldwide.

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