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“Furnify contributed by arranging a large amount of beautiful second life furniture items,” says Sabrina van Dongen, Circular Accelerator @Furnify. “Soon we’ll show you exactly how and what we did, so keep following us!”

D/DOCK & Furnify designed the Dura Vermeer Inspiration Centre as a professional, contemporary networking space where co-creation, collaboration and learning are the focus activities. It’s the new home for the Railinfra-division and the Construction&Real Estate-division. The environment consists of two building parts, which are connected by a transparent reception area with open stairs. We’ve created inspiration spaces, meeting corners and comfortable workplaces.

Ronald Dielwart, member of the Board of Directors of Dura Vermeer: “The Dura Vermeer Inspiration Centre must become a place where we like to stay. To work, to consult and to exchange knowledge. This building allows us to realize our strategy, our own ambitions and those of our clients and customers, so we are even better in coping with future challenges.”

In addition to this human-factor, a sustainable working environment plays a key role in the Dura Vermeer Inspiration Centre. The indoor garden, the high green wall and many plants contribute to oxygen-rich air. Modern filters ensure an extremely clean indoor climate. The large roof garden enhances the green character of the building.

Edward van der Poll (Interior Design D/DOCK) says: “We enriched the open character of the building, which is done by MONK Architecten, by emphasizing the transparent connections and the multiple voids. In our opinion, we truly created a green, circular and peaceful environment for the Dura Vermeer crew and their clients and customers, we hope they experience this when the building will be fully used to its potential soon.”

Moss: “For cities, for life, for our future. We design and create green oases in and on top of buildings, as we think we succeeded here in this project”

In close collaboration with D/DOCK, MONK, MOSS and Lightboxx and of course Dura Vermeer.

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