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“Furnify contributed by arranging a large amount of beautiful second life furniture items, which perfectly complete the design for Dura Vermeer,” says Sabrina van Dongen, Circular Accelerator @Furnify.

D/DOCK & Furnify designed the Dura Vermeer Inspiration Centre as a professional, contemporary networking space where co-creation, collaboration and learning are the focus activities. It’s the new home for the Railinfra-division and the Construction&Real Estate-division. The environment consists of two building parts, which are connected by a transparent reception area with open stairs. The teams created inspiration spaces, meeting corners and comfortable workplaces.

What about the train seat?

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In close collaboration with D/DOCK, MONK, MOSS, Workbrands and Lightboxx and of course Dura Vermeer.

Website Dura Vermeer Inspiration Centre with making-off video

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A sneak peak in the re-energize area where these chairs with their reupholstered settings perfectly match this greenery jungle.

Ff Dura Web 2

In this informal meeting setting we merge Dura Vermeers furniture with the rescued furniture Furnify found.

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Ff Dura Web 4

Materials are important: textures, finishings, all in a very clean way so the shaping of the furniture comes out well.

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Different seatings offer the Dura Vermeer employees a wide variety of work spots

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This campfire space has so many functionalities: listening, presenting, discussing, share experiences with each other... The bike chairs which came from previous Dura Vermeer office, the stools have their 3rd life already within this office.

Ff Dura Web 8

If we tell you this furniture is reclaimed, would you believe us?

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Each floor has its own cosy setting where one can have a quick informal meeting with colleagues.

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