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The entrance of FOZ, a coveted and expensive office building in Amsterdam’s business district, is an imposing space with 7 meter high ceilings. However, it was lacking a welcoming and warm atmosphere for conducting business over coffee or informal chats between colleagues.

As a starting point for a new entrance design, D/DOCK looked at the surrounding architecture in the area and found a concrete jungle of high rise buildings and asphalt. Defining this discovery as the opposite of their client’s needs, the design incorporated lots of wood for warmth.

Instead of wasting a perfectly good existing tile floor, D/DOCK designed a wooden podium as a warm contrast to the cold stone. The podium offers room for a reception that doubles as a coffee bar with stools and outlets for electronic devices.

The entrance’s height is broken up by two wooden sculptures that float mid air. These sculptures are open and arch-like so they don’t obstruct the original spatial design and view of the high ceilings, but they are still effective as space separators that promote a cozier atmosphere.

As a contradiction to the otherwise concrete urban area, the walls in the FOZ entrance are overgrown by plants. These green walls absorb sound, have a positive effect on people’s mental wellbeing and create a calm oasis in an otherwise busy district.

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