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Amsterdam-East got a new hotspot in 2015. An Italian bar to be precise. Gallizia opened its doors at the Javastraat 67 and it proved to be a huge success. People are lining up for a table at the terrace and the place is packed with locals during the weekend.

At Gallizia it’s all about Italian conviviality. You can enjoy a good cup of cappuccino in the morning, a freshly baked focaccia for lunch, or you can tuck into a plate of homemade pasta or antipasti around dinnertime. D/DOCK is responsible for the interior design of the bar and was involved in the realization of the concept. Our label Furnify is proud to say they re-used 95% of the furniture: Chairs, tables, lamps and even the wood that makes up the bar and stage is repurposed.

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