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In 2020 D/DOCK was asked by Grand Villa Argentina in Dubrovnik, Croatia to design a renewed Architectural and Interior Concept for this Grand 5 star resort on the Adriatic Coast. The resort consists of a main building and five remote pavilions which include a total of 133 rooms, restaurants, bars, wellness and outside sea-front terrace areas. The situation on a cliff on the Adriatic sea makes the landscaping integral part of the overall architecture.

Main objectives of the concept:

  • To improve the hospitality business model, the user experience and the quality of architectural and interior design we propose the following strategy:
  • Increase quality of rooms, in size, style and views.
  • Improve, centralize and assign extra quality to access and routing
  • Design from the user, the interior, outwards.
  • Focus on liveliness in public areas, increasing amount of visual connections
  • Blend interior and exterior by using green indoors and making semi-outside spaces.
  • Increase visual and physical connection with heritage buildings and landscape by lowering the lower seaside building.
  • Introducing a sophisticated style, a fresh mix between contemporary, art deco and mediterranean.

‘We descended down the cliff through a scenic architectural void, embraced by clean lines, luxurious details and surprised by lively spaces with breathtaking glimpses of the Adriatic coast’

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