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Impraise is a tech company that focuses on tech feedback solutions – they developed the People Enablement Platform and have offices worldwide. For their office in Amsterdam, Furnify worked with D/DOCK to create an interior with an authentic look and unique recycled furniture pieces.

“We designed a fresh and surprising space, almost ‘plug & play’, using ready made objects and natural material like plywood – which is a daring choice. The floor was painted with industrial coating and punctuated by colourful carpets.” D/DOCK

From the intensive collaboration between designers and interior craftsmen sprouted the idea to build cafeteria tables and table tops with all leftover materials. This is the core of the circular approach: one person has material waste, the other can use this for something.

Furnify is vey proud on collaborations like this: “When different parties work together, someones waste is another ones material to work with. It couldn’t be more circular. Some sofas are reupholstered with sustainable fabrics: we sourced this couch, used good fabrics and nobody can tell it is a second life item. Unless we tell them… We love to see how surprised people are when we do tell!”

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