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Impraise is a young tech company and dedicated to empower Human Resources Management, they’ve built The People Enablement Platform, where employees can create a culture of feedback and knowledge sharing within their organization.

In September 2018 Impraise approached us with a challenging request: “We are moving into our new offices within 5 months, and we would like you to design these spaces with a warm, natural atmosphere. Specific requirements? No. Take us with you in your design process and surprise us”.

From the first designs to the flowers in the vases, this challenge can best be described as a great collaboration between all involved parties. We designed a fresh and surprising space, almost ‘plug & play’, using ready made objects and natural material like plywood which is a daring choice. The floor was painted with industrial coating and punctuated by colorful carpets. Our label Furnify was involved from the beginning of the process, with their experience to source for second life furniture and sustainable fabrics. Their additions give the space an authentic feeling.

By choosing these lively colors and simple shapes, we reflect the company’s vision of ‘people and growth’. Another added value is the lounge entrance with hybrid features: it is a reception room for visitors, but it can easily be transformed to a presentation spot for their team meetings. The wheels underneath tables and sitting blocks give the employees the flexibility they need.

“It’s stunning in the design freshness and novelty, and it fits their budget” says Francesco Messori, Creative Director D/DOCK. As Impraise is a ‘feedback-company’, their positive answer came in quickly. From the first moment their team entered the space they were stunned by the view of their new office.

“It’s become a beautiful place, now we can finally say we are proud of our environment and we see it as our business card. D/DOCK took us on a journey and demonstrated their power to create such an amazing design within budget,” says Katie Gagnon, Impraise.



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