We transformed two workshops and an 80’s office building into a 10.000m2 new home for INTOS interior solutions. INTOS is one of the largest Dutch interior contractors with clear ambitions towards a sustainable future based on their integrated, innovative and solution-orientated approach.

A new modular steel framework connects the two workshops, reusing the existing concrete shell and resulting in a new west-oriented façade towards the Waarderweg (Haarlem). This new addition will provide ample space for the project teams with a visual link to the workshops as well as an inviting entrance and place to work for partners, a restaurant and a multi-functional event space.

The façade and structure end in a saw-tooth shaped roof, reminiscent of traditional 20th century workshops and allowing northern light to brighten the spaces within, without the direct heating from the sun. The 90m long façade will be clad with dark 99,9% recycled plastic boards and is alternated with high-performance glazed window slits bringing in light deep into the floors. The steel structure with a minimum of columns allows for flexible use and can be adapted for future changes in program and needs.

Inside, we use timber as the prominent material, providing an acoustic comfortable space and working as a showcase for the craftsmanship of Intos. Different typologies are scattered throughout the workspaces for concentration, teamwork, showcasing, auditing prototypes and comfortably eating and sitting together.

As an architect and interior designer D/DOCK contributes to the sustainable future of INTOS.

Ddock Intos Aerial
Ddock Intos Constructio2
Ddock Intos Construction
Ddock Intos Render Night


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