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Furnify started working for JetBrains by designing their first Dutch (temporary) space at the Keizersgracht. JetBrains explicitly asked Furnify and D/DOCK to create something sustainable, and deliver furniture which would also fit the design in the new office of the Huidekoperstraat. This was a great start and Furnify finally incorporated 80% second life furniture in the new environment. When a new item was necessary, the designers always took into account the sustainability aspect: pet felt seats, fabrics with an eco-label, Oekot-tex gerecycled polyester etcetera.

On February 1st 2020 JetBrains moved into their new work environment at the Huidekoper Building in Amsterdam city center. The JetBrains team occupies the 4th and 5th floor of this remarkable building. The unique architecture of the roof structure on the 5th level is an asset we played with, integrating different shapes and forms that marry beautifully with the curved windows.

D/DOCK&Furnify developed a concept that breaks away from the more traditional setup of an “office”. The new layout creates a free-flow between many different interconnected areas, without the use of corridors but instead through a series of ‘ensuite’ spaces. Circularity was paramount in the process, with the implementation of second life furniture.

The deepest area of the 2 floors, the social “heart” of the space is designed like an “hollow tree.” This core is interconnected through an internal stair leading to the 5th floor and the roof terrace. This charming terrace overlooks the skylines of Amsterdam’s city center.

The work environment combines several typologies: closed private team rooms, hybrid collaborative spaces, concentration rooms, knowledge niches, breakout and bleisure facilities.

The B.I.T (Boost Individual Talent) stations
These workstations were specially designed and engineered for the JetBrains Engineering teams. Highly skilled developers need an environment that focuses their mental state of mind and boosts concentration, whilst also offering them the opportunity to break out and use the work environment as if it’s their own home. The B.I.T stations create a personal domain with high protection from external stimuli, security of sensitive data, but adaptable and customizable..

Furnify and D/DOCK collaborated with JetBrains throughout the complete process in a pleasant manner. So for the finishing touches; the styling, we researched sustainable possibilities. Our team implemented vintage items and authentic pieces which really give the spaces a unique and one-of-a-kind character.

The whole space has been designed with a wide palette of materials, inviting a multitude of styles and variations throughout. Providing the correct tools to ensure efficiency rests at the core of the design. These products are brought about through means of playfulness and positive distraction for workers. Simply put, to get the most out of people, they need to be happy. With that in mind, the design team were fastidious in designing every detail and accessory.

Yury Belyaev, Chief Administrative Officer, VP of Finance and Legal @ JetBrains:
“This design can only be done in Amsterdam. It’s quirky, special and would misfit anywhere else in the world. This needs to be a celebration for all involved and I want to thank the whole D/DOCK team for a great job designing and realizing our special work environment here.”

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Second life game machines with new equipment. Recycled plastic table, design by Dutch designer Dirk van der Kooij

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Vintage chairs with new sustainable fabric

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