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Primary school Koningin Beatrixschool in Waddinxveen asked D/DOCK to design a learning landscape which would be an open and transparent environment for the users. It should be a place to play, learn and discover, with human beings at the center of it. The school is therefore laid out from inside to outside, thus optimizing connections to the surroundings, use of daylight, and creating open and flexible spaces for future educational methods.

Circularity plays a big role, Furnify created a sustainable landscape, which is a leading example for the kids, parents and the community around it.

As for every non-profit organization, it’s not easy to realize your ideals and meet your requirements with minimum budgets, and to collaborate with all stakeholders. The Koningin Beatrixschool therefore chose a select group of partners that have the same intrinsic motivation to develop an environment for generations . One that is sustainable and future proof. Furnify&D/DOCK and our partner Human Office are proud to be able to contribute to this unique project, by implementing second life furniture. These designs are future proof.

In the design, we take into account that children will be working in smaller groups most of the time and are being coached by teachers. Therefore the focus is not on traditional classrooms or on a central square, but on many smaller places to gather, work, learn or play. The smaller rooms inside and the outer ‘shell’ along the façade, with many different places to explore make this possible. Furthermore the complete available space will be used effectively throughout the day, since the children will spread out everywhere.

In our planning we scheduled meetings with the children, in these meetings we want to work with them to give them a feeling of responsibility. They can choose final assets for the building to make the environment something they really feel comfortable in. Because of the Corona-crisis this is on hold, but as soon as we can, we look forward meeting the children.

Want to know more about our Learning Landscapes-method? We would love to get in contact with you to discuss how we could collaborate on your new Learning Landscape.

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