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The new Macaw office is the first scientifically proven Healing Office concept by D/DOCK.

Approximately 60% of the existing furniture was reused in the space. Some items were rescued from the old office, a larger amount was sourced through the local Craigslist and Furnify’s secondhand interior design network. All pieces were carefully selected for Macaw and many pieces were upcycled. Many of the accessories were bought at community thrift shops.

“We visited a thrift shop with D/DOCK designers and bought most pieces ‘on the spot’, ” tells Sabrina van Dongen.

Desk chairs were reupholstered and sofas were cut in half and used as two separate arm chairs in a lounge that was created on a small stage. A transparent voile fabric creates privacy.

The six meter wooden table top in the lounge tells a special story. The table top was made of old gym floor material sourced from a school in Venlo. The team took the old floor (around 70 years) out and it’s sawn in pieces. The original blue, red, green and yellow lines of the gym floor are found in several of the coloured wooden blocks that make up the table.
The vintage furniture at reception – featuring a counter that turns into a bar – is casual and welcoming. A unique detail in this space is the vintage dresser with yellow cabinet doors.

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