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In 2017 we delivered a completely new environment for digital services organization Macaw, based on our Healing Offices methodology.

D/DOCK’s environmental psychologist Anicee Bauer executed with the team and in close collaboration with Macaw, an extended research before and after our design transformation of this workplace environment. We found significant positive results which are very valuable data for this and future projects. More about the research

Ronald van Es, CFO of Macaw: “In our view, employees come first. We are proud of the fact that we have been awarded ‘Best employer of the Netherlands’ four times. Finding and keeping personnel is a major challenge in the current IT market. A workplace that is attractive and really helps you do your work properly supports us in this. We want to be and remain an attractive employer. In addition, we are convinced that the workplace has a major influence on the wellbeing of our employees.

This is why we created a work environment that fully supports the health and happiness of employees and enables each colleague to perform optimally. “Going home with MORE energy at the end of the day” is what our new office should offer. This way we want to make our own employees our largest recruitment channel.

We joined forces with D/DOCK, which created an office concept that enables us to reach this objective. We used the methodology  Healing Offices.”



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