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D/DOCK developed the concept of ‘Micro Polis’ for Microsoft Offices in Amsterdam (Schiphol). We based it on our Healing Office method – combined with Microsoft’s future vision of driving digital transformation for a more meaningful world.

This transformed the office building into a hub. A public space where employees, partners, start-ups, scale-ups, students and children are very welcome. A home away from home. A healing office that boosts the health and happiness of its residents, users and visitors. For a new culture and community – one where people feel free and inspired to drive the positive digital transformation of our society.

Check this 360degrees walkthrough video:

Since the opening in November 2018, this project received a lot of positive publications, here’s a selection:

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‘Micro Polis’ is the new conception of a company headquarters that goes far beyond the norm.

It is an open hub, a Business Community, a public place that welcomes employees, partners, the public, aspirants, customers, students and children. It is a home away from home, a healing environment, which boosts health and happiness. It is the centre of a new community and the emanating source from which a new culture and a digital transformation of society will spread.

THE LOBBY (Ground floor entrance)
A transparent showcase open to the public and the welcoming point. Which provides information about your parking, traffic conditions and planned appointments. A large presentation table shows Microsoft products for business and consumers. It can also be used to stage events and happenings on the first floor. The virtual apartment will give you a journey into the virtual world.

STEPPING STONE (from ground to 1st floor)
A natural ascent to the main floor, these wooden stairs are punctuated with intermittent plateaus where you can rest, sit, wait with a cup of coffee, chat or work with a laptop.

THE PUBLIC ARENA (1st floor)
It is a public and semi-public space. And the ultimate Microsoft ecosystem: an intelligent environment: flexible, hybrid, made up of the most advanced infrastructure which allows the implementation of future technologies. It is also a coworking lab, a place to communicate and interact with partners and clients which can be organized here and take part in independent activities empowered by Microsoft technology. Its main features are:

Located just above the entrance, this is a public space where the biggest gatherings and events are held, with a 10meter width LED screen.

A natural way to arrive, meet a colleague for a coffee, where a barista makes you feel unique, it is a place to wait for your appointment and to welcome your guests. It provides healthy and sustainable food.

Facilitating courses, from children to professional specialists, it can also be used to host training courses or can be rented out to other organizations.

These feature stairs are inspired by New York fire escape ladders, they connect the entire front section of the building.

This space is an intuitive, approachable and real-time experience, this is the key for this area, where the sales force will interact with her clients.

Is the ultimate 5D theatre to trigger real interactive experiences, experiential simulations, tests, presentations and conferences. It is located on the patio.

THE DOMAINS (2nd,3rd,4th floors B wing)
These areas are located at the front of the building, each domain has a special look and feel and hosts several semi-public activities and independent work forces. The Garage, The Tech Deck and The Living are themed domains.

HOME FLOORS (2nd and 3rd floors, A wing)
These areas are not designed according to departments, but according to levels of activity, from a busy collaborative HOT ZONE to a more silent, concentration and relaxation oriented COLD ZONE where SILENT LOUNGES are located in the farer side of the wings, with a paramount view on the runways.

The entire area is interactive and intelligent. Sensors measure the quality of the air and the activity of people using the space.

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