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Collaboration, flexibility and consciousness are the basics of the interior design for this work environment for this client. OVG Real Estate is a developer of intelligent, high tech office buildings and is located in The Edge on the Amsterdam Zuidas. The building, proclaimed the most sustainable office building in the world by the Research Establishment (BRE) and that received the highest ‘Outstanding’ BREEAM classification ever, of 98.36 percent. D/DOCK inverted the traditional ideas for an office floor. For instance, visitors of OVG get to peek behind the scenes on entry. The traditional front desk has been replaced by an informal kitchen island where the hostess welcomes the customers. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to grab the healthy lunch that is enjoyed at the main table every single day. This office has no cold waiting area.

This office became a lifestyle environment, designed based on activities for which the identity and lifestyle of the OVG employees serves as foundation. Special about the interior design is the recycling of existing material and furniture. To this end, D/DOCK worked together with Furnify: a design collective that gives depreciated furniture a new design, after which it can be marketed. This way, old chairs from the Rotterdam soccer stadium ‘De Kuip’ were reused and office chairs, designer armchairs and a bright blue cabinet, were given a second life.


“With succes they developed a completely innovative concept in our office in Amsterdam. Health, motion and a balance between effort and relaxation are very important. D/DOCK’s approach Healing Offices has been spot on for us.”

Jan Hein Tiedema, CEO OVG Nederland.

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No formalities at the entrance: a welcoming bar provides a direct check in together with a good cup of coffee.

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The Energy Station is a new way to provide healthy and energetic food all day.

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A comfortable lounge allows informal gathering.

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All work settings are shared, everyone can work wherever he wants, whenever he needs, we designed communal work hubs like a multi height table where people can dock and work, every hub has different settings in height and way of seating.

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Formal and informal meeting take place in several communal 'campfires'.

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Numerous objects and furniture are re used as 'second life', like this chandelier made out of bicycle chains, or the reused seats from the Feyenoord soccer stadium.

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A quiet room allows concentration, re-energising and powernaps.

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