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OVG Real Estate moved into the upper floor of office building The Edge in Amsterdam in 2015. The building was developed by OVG Real Estate in partnership with its main tenant: Deloitte. In 2015, the Building Research Establishment (BRE) named The Edge the ‘Most Sustainable Office Building in the World’ with the highest BREEAM classification ever – an outstanding 98.36 percent.

Unique to the interior design is the use of existing material and furniture throughout the space. Office chairs, designer chairs and an old cabinetry were upgraded and refurbished. The cabinetry transformed in a bright blue eyecatcher! As a reference to OVG Real Estate’s home town (Rotterdam) the Furnify team purchased Rotterdam’s soccer stadium seats and placed them in the visitor’s area in the office in Amsterdam. To this day, these seats spark office banter, because Amsterdam and Rotterdam have rivalling soccer teams that are tied up in a longstanding feud.

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