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Re-cycling, Communication and Connection were the three keywords in D/DOCK’S interior design for the cafeteria of the Dutch Postal Company. All products and ingredients that ‘Het Eetlokaal’ serves are local, sustainable and fresh.

D/DOCK collaborated with Furnify to ensure that the ‘recyle’ keyword was fully incorporated in the design. They transformed old Post NL pallets to different benches and a bar. Many old mailbags were repurposed and used to upholster furniture; a subtle reference to the company’s history and a cost-efficient.

This office and cafeteria is currently due for closure. Furnify will oversee the repurposing and recycling of the existing furniture and materials in the move to The Hague. Many pieces of furniture will be adapted and cut to size to fit the new space, some will be transferred over as is, but will be technical checked and repaired if necessary.

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