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In close collaboration with Philips Healthcare and Dutch Health Architects (EGM), we developed a concept for a health-centre on a newly built Russian science campus which hosts multiple high-tech labs and innovative health organizations.

D/DOCK created the interior design for 8 signature spaces for the entrance, treatment rooms, restaurant, circulation, office spaces, meeting spaces, waiting areas and info centers. Our challenge was to make it futureproof and flexible. We introduce design interventions based on our healing environment methodology where we want to achieve that the stress-level of the users is decreased as much as possible, and they experience the multiple spaces with comfort, by using ingredients of color, light, scent and shapes which interact with people’s emotions. This design method enables us to tailor the journey in a space for different users like patients, family, visitors and medical staff.

The architecture is designed by the Dutch architect agency EGM. Our design took the direction of a global style which matches the Russian style. The project is currently under construction and due to deliver and open in 2022.

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