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With 18.000m2 of office space, Spaces La Défense is the largest in Europe. It has several floors and offers a wide selection of different spaces, providing a workplace for a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, small businesses and freelancers alike. Because of the high amount of square metres available, more custom designs were created to make this coworking spot truly unique and unlike any other in Paris. Having followed the Spaces design guidelines, the D/DOCKxSpaces team is proudly responsible for designing this location together.

This hotspot for business is proof that coworking is the new way of working, as it hit 110% occupancy within just three months of opening. Before, the La Défense area wasn’t the preferred location for Parisian startups and freelancers because of its corporate atmosphere. Now, the arrival of Spaces is changing the area with the arrival of a dynamic, younger crowd. Spaces wants to make it a truly collaborative hub for innovation, an ecosystem where small and large companies come together and thrive.

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Ddock Spaces Ladefense Dynamicbusiness Clubwithpeople 2316x1853
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