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Frequent flyers and business travelers can take advantage of a brand new airport lounge at Schiphol airport. The shared space of global airline alliance Star Alliance and airport ground service provider Swissport Aspire was officially opened in the spring of 2019. Located on the third floor near terminal 1 with a view of the Panorama terrace (a great lookout point for airplane watching), the space offers room to a total of 350 travelers. Services include a food and beverages buffet, charging stations for electronic devices, bathroom facilities and a wine bar. D/DOCK was in charge of the interior design and execution of the two lounges.

Each lounge has separate welcome counters and a unique layout and atmosphere, but the two spaces share kitchen facilities. On the Swissport Aspire side, D/DOCK’s designers drew inspiration from the geometric shapes of a bird’s eye view Dutch landscape with roads, dykes, pastures and farm fields. These patches and lines are incorporated in the floor and ceiling design. In the Star Alliance lounge, the décor is inspired by the interior of a grand café or hotel lounge with dark oak wood floors and an interesting mix of traditional and Dutch Design furniture pieces.

Comfort and convenience for the travelers were the highest priorities on both sides. Each lounge offers cozy nooks for relaxing as well as tables with charging stations for phones and laptops. Each individual area is separated with high backed furniture, see-through screens or glass walls, ensuring a sense of privacy for each individual.

Comfortable arm chairs are placed near the window, so travelers can enjoy the view. People can choose from a selection of international newspapers and settle into a sofa or enjoy a meal in the dining areas. Baggage can be stored in a safe area and luxurious bathroom facilities allow passengers to freshen up after a long flight.

The two lounges each have their own personality, but smart design prevents the two spaces from clashing. Travelers transition from one world to the next through the more neutral space in the middle and the lowered copper ceiling is extended to both sides of the lounge to create unity in the space. These lounges are like the travelers in it: different, but the same.

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Concept sketch: salad island & self-service bar

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Concept sketch: lounge entrance + Aspire F&B zone and lounge

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