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During the renowned furniture fair Salone del Mobile in Milan In 2017, D/DOCK presented the Healing Hub at the world famous furniture fair in Milan. The Healing Hub promoted a new way of working using hybrid and dynamic office furniture.

“We believe that products and furniture offer extra value when they invite you to change your behavior. To achieve this, you need good and innovative design. A perfect example is an opportunity for dynamic sitting when gathered at the community table. When products are made of secondhand material that tell a story, such as the Balance chair, furniture comes to life. All the elements of stimulation and dynamic sitting and reuse of materials and furniture activate your senses and leave you feeling satisfied. This is the reaction we loved to see in the Healing Hub” Francesco Messori, creative director D/DOCK

Furnify made the Balance Stools from old copper expansion tanks used in central heating systems. The design of the stools promotes ‘dynamic sitting’, a term used to  imply that continuous movement while sitting is beneficial in the work space.

“We cut the tanks in half. The bottom has this beautiful round shape, which makes you want to rock the stool slightly. The seat itself is made of paper pulp. The contrast between the smooth copper and the rougher surface of the pulverised paper creates an exciting combination which stimulates the senses.

“Michael Young’s design in his Oxygen Chair features this special surface as well – people just want to touch and feel this materials. When you sit down in the rocking chair of Michael Neville, you have a totally different sitting experience because of the handles right in front of you.

The communal table in the Healing Hub invites people to gather as if they would during a campfire. The inside is made of old cotton that was pulverised and pressed. The pressed panels are titled Really and are used for furniture making by fabric label Kvadrat.

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