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Theodoor Gilissen was a private bank with services in the fields of investing, financial planning and finance, located in a monumental building at Amsterdam’s Keizersgracht (nowadays the company is called InsingerGilissen).

D/DOCK has developed an upgrade of the interior, by adding softness through the use of bright cheerful colors and modern loose furniture. An eye-catcher, when entering the building, is the entrance, where a multifunctional design was developed for consultations and work, waiting and events. In the offices we created a hybride design consultation through a raised stage, for work and videoconferencing and it provides an unobstructed view of the canal. The All Staff ‘Tokyo’ Room has been restyled, including a facilities plan for group video calls with other offices. The history of the building combined with the modern interior makes Theodoor Gilissen a particularly fine work environment at an A location.

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