Anxiety, suffering and a lack of control are among the strong emotions experienced by the communities that use hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. This adds to an already stressful situation – decreasing wellbeing and prolonging the healing process.

When designing and creating these spaces, D/DOCK deeply focuses on the patient, the staff and the relatives, and the holistic approach of “cure, care and comfort”. Also key to our methodology is how these communities interact with their environment. This calls for the skill to recognize complexities – and the compassion to understand people’s deep need to feel like the unique individual they truly are.

Ask us about our proven triadic methodology, to find out more about the physical, cultural, emotional and aesthetic values that go into creating spaces that heal.

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Our client Microsoft Netherlands took an unconventional step by closing their offices in The Outlook (Amsterdam Schiphol) for more than ten weeks so it could be rebuild from top to bottom.