At D/DOCK we like to color outside the lines. This attitude evolved into a constant hunger for new opportunities, working on both domestic and international projects. We collaborated with national and international respected clients, operating in countries such as Belgium, Germany, England, Austria, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Japan, Taiwan, HongKong and China.


Asia Pacific


Besides Europe, especially the APAC region has embraced our vision, which led to a sustainable partnership and the founding of D/DOCK China in the first quarter of 2015. A team of 32 local and talented designers from Chengdu and Shanghai work together with our studio in Amsterdam on the creation and realization of challenging projects: interior designs with an outspoken D/DOCK signature and a Chinese twist.

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International portfolio

D/DOCK China Team

Demo China Team
Lee Bing

Lee Bing | 李兵

Partner / Design Director China
大中华区联投资人 / 设计总监

Mobile: +86 139 0803 1874
Chengdu office: +86 28 52225 51

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Lily Lee | 李丽丽

Ass. Director D/DOCK Asia

Mobile: +86 139 8083 0150

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02 Coen An 7

Coen van Dijck

Partner / CEO
投资人 / 总经理

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02 Francesco An 7

Francesco Messori

Partner / Creative Director
投资人 / 设计总监

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Schermafbeelding 2018 11 21 Om 10.44.33

Carol Zhang | 张雪

Project Manager

Schermafbeelding 2018 11 21 Om 10.49.34

Ken | 柯学

Senior Interior Designer

Schermafbeelding 2018 11 21 Om 10.51.16

Tom Ruan | 阮小斗

Senior Interior Designer

02 Jochem An 7

Jochem Straatman

Senior Interior Designer

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