Learning Landscapes

Are the children of today receiving their education in an environment that prepares them for the future? The traditional educational system is characterized by routines and a regulated curriculum, but – according to experts – it should focus more on critical thinking, experimentation and the development of each student’s soft skills (team work, communication, work ethic).

New method for educational environments
Our raison d’être is to invest in projects that positively impact social or ecological change and the company’s new initiative Learning Landscapes fits this motto well. Learning Landscapes is a new design method that helps match the physical environment of an educational institution to new more student centric education models. Drawing from D/DOCK’s extensive experience in office and work environment design a focus group from designers, researchers to community managers, developed a toolkit for designing tailor made environments for a school’s specific educational needs. This ‘Learning Landscapes’ method allows teachers, students and schoolboards to translate their vision into a learning environment with the ideal schoolbuilding.

“We believe that the quality and integrity of the interior design is the key to creating the specific environments needed for our children’s education”, says Creative Director Francesco Messori. “Furniture, colours and materials can be influential to how people feel in a space and help them engage with their tasks. Too often, schools are designed based on a beautiful façade and iconic look instead of on how students and educators use the (flexible) spaces. Most of the budget is spent on the shell of the school’s building and too little on the interior and layout design.”

WHITEPAPER in Dutch: Want to receive our whitepaper on the Learning Landscapes-method? Send us an email with your request and we’ll answer with the file.
Email to Merel de Hoog (m.dhoog@ddock.com) with subject ‘Request for Learning Landscapes Whitepaper’

At this moment we are organizing Learning Landscapes workshops in schools for both educators and students to further explore the potential of this design method and to continue to experiment with new school lay outs and designs.

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D/DOCK explains new design method: Learning Landscapes. Written by Francesco Messori…

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