In a world where people increasingly communicate and experience their world from behind screens, the need for real moments to connect is growing. And at a time when we ask ourselves, whether we have enough possessions, people look to experiences. We go to events to get away from it all, to connect, relax, rejuvenate, recharge our batteries and come alive again. We believe events can play a major role as a force for renewal, as a force for transformation.


Together with our in-house partner Nachtlab Agency we create moments that matter. We evoke ekstasis, deeper relationships and create meaningful memories that can be cherished, re-visited or shared over different (social-) channels. Live activations that demonstrate your purpose, intent and sustainable approach, to be shared by the thousands.

Selected cases

Corona Sunsets Worldwide

Always a sunset somewhere

Harman Kardon Suites Berlin

Symphony for the senses

Exhibition spaces

We enable, empower and activate exhibitions in the digital and physical realm. Both by realising the comprehensive technical framework, as well as creating mesmerising concepts. Ranging from museums and galleries to pop-up venues and digital art centres.

Selected cases

Fabrique des Lumières Amsterdam

Weaving the fabric of light

There Amsterdam

The future is There


What is the story of your show, festival, city or destination? What is its call for adventure? An ancient myth, perhaps? An iconic building with a hidden history? Your community’s music or food culture? A natural phenomenon that has to be seen to be believed? Whatever it is, let us explore your local lore, give it global appeal and put you on the map.

Together with our in-house partner Nachtlab Agency we fuel the next generation of shows, festivals, cities, and sites, with captivating stories, enhanced with innovative technologies, to create immersive experiences.

Selected cases

Loopland Puerto Rico

Work in progress

Founder / Partner Nachtlab Agency

Sylvester Lindemulder