We activate

Spaces need to be activated and utilised to become meaningful. Beyond design and build, we bring to life everything that we create. Our environments are defined by rituals, and placemaking. Spatial stewardship sprouts communities and connections.

We activate our designs, by closely collaborating with our in-house partner Nachtlab Agency to create moments that matter. Together we foster meaningful and spiritual connections.

We are different

  • A close collaboration between teams of various backgrounds and disciplines is what creates extensive knowledge, agility and truly unique synergy – from ideation to realisation, and activation.
  • By activating spaces from a blended-use perspective, various people and functionalities are brought together in the same space during day and night, creating meaningful spaces and moments.
  • Each project starts with research and an exchange of learnings. Championing autonomy and regarding resourcefulness as an art, we invite others for collaborations and trust the doers. While always open for reflection on our work process, we strive to be undeniable.

Brand strategy

Selected cases

Corona Sunsets Worldwide

Always a sunset somewhere

There Amsterdam

The future is There

Experiential design

Selected cases

Artishock Dinner Theater Amsterdam

Immersive dinner experience

Bosch New Era Utrecht

The new era experience

Publishing & marketing

Selected cases

DB55 Amsterdam

Blending beyond the office

De L’Europe Amsterdam

Transformed into a community residence

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Founder / Partner Nachtlab Agency

Sylvester Lindemulder