We design

Being genuinely curious about people and their environments, we design for the human scale and from the inside out. Our work goes beyond functionality and aesthetics by constantly challenging dogmas, through applied imagination.

We design from a four-dimensional perspective. Time becomes an important driver for design, blending functionalities in the same space during day and night. This makes our blended approach a serious solution for the increasing lack of space.

We are different

  • Rather than design, clients want us to create impact. Our aim is to balance social, environmental and economic return.
  • Let’s optimise the use of space by blending functionalities and by creating social cohesion between stakeholders. This blended approach operates in the interspace between markets and shapes the sharing economy.
  • Thinking ahead about how to collaboratively design, build and activate spaces, our approach is holistic. Our projects span from from ideation to realisation, and activation – in any scale, from chair to city.


In the field of architecture, we are ‘the dog in the church’. We like to take away the traditionally separated worlds of interior design and architecture; in the end, it’s all about the people that utilise a building or environment. So for every project we design, we question ourselves: how will people experience the building? This means that we always create from an inside-out and human-scale perspective.

Selected cases

INTOS Haarlem

Sometimes, it’s the outside that counts

Republic Offices Nieuwegein

Lively business community

Grand Villa Argentina Dubrovnik

Resorting to sophistication

Interior design

We believe in doing the right thing. So this means designing human-scale environments where sustainability, circularity and hospitality are the main drivers. As a studio, we specialise in hotels, work environments, schools, healthcare, experience design, music venues, art, residential and our favourite: a blend of them all.

Selected cases

JetBrains Amsterdam

Free flowing collaboration

Nedap Groenlo

Biophilic design as startup culture

Goede Doelen Loterijen Amsterdam

Sustainable home for good causes

Graphic & digital design

In our current world, 2D is becoming more and more important. A large part of what we see every day is on screens. For this reason, we have our in-house team to create your company’s brand identity, graphic and digital design team. We work on both products as buildings.

Selected cases

There Amsterdam

The future is There

Impraise Amsterdam

Next level for this scale-up

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Head of Operations / Managing Director D/DOCK Design

Sven Butteling