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Beyond the Office – program

The topic ‘working from home’ is hot, at every kitchen table, in every Zoom or Teams call.

There are many ideas about the future of offices. It’s mainly about creating meeting spaces and whether office vacancy rates will rise or not. But what we find even more interesting: How are companies adjusting their entire business strategies, because of this mandatory Work From Home-reality.

It seems that workplace strategy has become a boardroom priority.

In 1,5 hours, we will be debating how the Covid19 has changed business strategy. We invite the audience to participate. Our three speakers will explain their vision to trigger thoughts and debate. Hopefully opinions will clash, because honest disagreement still is a sign of progress.

Francesco Messori – The Cyber-Era

Francesco Messori, creative director at D/DOCK, will share his feel that we are at the dawn of a “cyber-era”. Francesco argues that postmodernity now needs new bearings to settle, based on how Covid pushed human-kind forward in time with leaps – in both social as technological way.

Stephen Bertrand – The Renewed Business Strategy

Stephen Bertrand, Senior Partner at Bain & Company, will share his thoughts on what this Cyber-Era means for companies. Stephen meets with senior executives from many industries and countries regularly, and will share insights from these conversations, along with Bain & Company IP. What are the most important questions and challenges that companies will need to address in the post-mandatory-WorkFromHome-period?

Marlene Sybrandy – The Impact on Workplace and Organisation

Marlene Sybrandy, Lead Workspace in ABN AMRO’s future of work core-team, will share her ideas on what the above mentioned topics mean for ABN AMRO. They will redevelop their second main office in Amsterdam Zuidoost into a state-of-the-art sustainable workspace, how is this renewed business strategy impacting their workplace strategy and organization?

Susanne Heering – our moderator (reporter and presenter at AT5)

Susanne works with humor to stimulate participants to make relevant statements, she makes them feel comfortable while sharing their opinions and works toward a mutual understanding. Don’t worry, Susanne makes sure everybody participates in this session.

Details and how to join us!

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