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From us to you
We have been quiet for a week, thinking, observing and settling in a new reality. D/DOCK has flipped its studio from physical to virtual. 55 people at home with their families, are keeping alive the flame of our campfire, our projects, our clients and you. Every day we are virtually together. Something we always wanted to do, but didn’t dare, didn’t prioritize.

Why do we even need an office?
This question we have asked ourselves and you for years. It is now super relevant all of a sudden. After this first bizarre period of home-working, we created a daily structure and organize our communication, experience home-schooling our kids is quite fun and we can enjoy the spring sun from our gardens or balconies. But we miss the cappuccino-talks, the chitchats while making a cup of tea. There is no opportunity to just simply say: “How are you doing?” or “What a nice shirt you are wearing!”. There is no chance for serendipity meetings, yes, we miss the social connection with our colleagues. This is essential for a great work environment. A work environment based on people.

In these challenging, yet super exciting times, digital communication, economic impacts, market dynamics is all we have to be facing together. Not only for business, also for our social life and connections. Slowly but surely we all come to an understanding: okay, there is a new reality. This will have an impact on the way we live. On the way we work. So, let’s REALLY rethink the way we live and work. Now more actual than ever.

Let’s work on it together
Let’s go against the trade cycle
Let’s apply our imagination
Let’s fire it up!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy