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From Paris to Vienna: D/DOCKxSpaces team presents

…great new locations:

It might seem like nothing is happening with the D/DOCKXSpaces-team, but that’s just because they are working hard on designs for some special new Spaces projects. Luckily, we now can give you a nice update on what happened this year. Let’s kick off:

Open January ’19:
Spaces Ny Carlsberg Vej – Copenhagen – Denmark
Found in Copenhagen’s heart of business, this location is world-famous as a former brewery for its namesake beer brand. The industrial vibes are off the charts, and the building’s former glory is sure to rub off on any new brands calling it home.

Open spring ‘19:
Spaces Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Connected directly to Microsoft Netherlands Business Community, this unique coworking spot is totally transparent for a diverse group of people and needs. The digital community is strong in this one, as is the international one. And who would think otherwise with the gorgeous views of the Schiphol runways and planes taking off into the Dutch sunset.

Open summer ’19:
Spaces La Defense, Paris, France
With 18.000m2 of office space, Spaces La Défense is the largest coworking space in Europe. It has several floors and offers a wide selection of different spaces, providing a workplace for a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, small businesses and freelancers alike. This hotspot for businesses is proof that coworking is the new way of working, as it hit 110% occupancy within just three months of opening.

Open September ’19:
Spaces Brygghuset, Gothenburg, Sweden
Found within Gothenburg’s science park, this waterfront Spaces gets you on a first-name basis with some of Sweden’s largest tech brands. It’s also the very first location in this Scandinavian and wildly fashionable country.

Open September ’19:
Spaces Auderghem, Brussels, Belgium
When you’re running a business from Brussels, you can’t not add in some international zest. So we did just that. We chose construction and design standards that’ll stand the test of time anywhere in the world. Spaces Auderghem offers three floors of light-filled, shared working spaces and flexible office space.

Open October ’19:
Spaces Mercier Square, Mechelen, Belgium
This location adds award-winning interior design into the mix – this hidden gem in Belgium’s east shows off futuristic architecture and timeless interior design. 

Open November ’19:
Spaces Square One, Vienna, Austria
Forget about London, this is Vienna calling. Location is key, as this business hub gets the coworker out and about the city in minutes. Ideal for the urban Austria’s professional community which already discovered this hotspot.

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Spaces Ny Carlsberg Vej Carlsberg Denmark Terrace 2

Photo Ny Carlsberg Vej - Copenhagen - Denmark

Ddock Spacesschiphol Img 107 2316x1853

Photo Jordi Huisman - Schiphol Airport - Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Ddock Spaces Ladefense Cafewithpeople 2316x1853

Photo - La Défense - Paris - France

Gotenburg V3 4k 0003

Render - Brygghuset - Gothenburg - Sweden

Spaces Bussels Auderghem Focus Area With People Websize

Photo - Auderghem - Brussels - Belgium

180619 Dp Mechelen Visuals 2 Websize

Render - Mercier Square - Mechelen - Belgium

Vienna Square One

Photo Felix Kemkes - Square One - Vienna - Austria