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From train to office

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“Hello! From 1975 I served in the well-known train ‘de Sprinter’ as a sofa for passengers to travel comfortably.

Thousands of travelers have sat on me, the elegant lady with the bag on her lap, a young man on his way to his first job interview, excited students on a field trip. All these years I traveled all over the Netherlands, I could tell you so many stories! Later, between 1981 and 1983, my peers were also deployed in the interior of ‘de Wadloper’, these were diesel trains that connected several villages and cities in Groningen and Friesland. And in 1997 my retirement started. It was decided that change and modernization had to be done in the interiors of the trains. We, the red sofas, were replaced by comfortable and more spacious blue chairs with fabric ‘tulips’ upholstery.

What happened to us? Nothing. Yes, we were piled up in sheds, thrown away in containers with all our stories locked up and never told. I am one of the few who has been rescued and now, in 2021, I can shine again and serve as a showpiece in the new home of Rail Infra of Dura Vermeer. Polished and preserved, with my visible scars telling my stories, which have been neatly and meticulously updated but will never fully heal, afraid of further deteriorating my delicate skin, I stand here with pride. Since I was once a double seater, you should know that my “backseat” is going to get a different destination. But I am grateful that Mark has restored me so lovingly and that Furnify has given me a second, valuable life. So, sit back and relax!”

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