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Furnify: the story

Large waste containers are not an unusual sight at construction sites or in city streets. A renovation of a space often starts with an ‘out with the old’ mentality: strip the building’s interior and throw everything out.

But times are changing. David Attenboroughs documentaries made sure the majority of the world now knows what’s happening with our planet. Everybody is aware, the Sustainable Development Goals are on the agenda of many organizations.
Solar panels, using rain water and separating waste are sustainable solutions which are the new normal nowadays. But when it comes to circular purchasing for a building or a floor, the mentality of ‘out with the old’ still exists. How can we turn this around?

The solution to this environmentally impactful issue came to fruition in 2016 as Furnify, D/DOCK’s circular label. Furnify connects two markets: the growing demand for second life furniture with the extensive supply of used interior products and materials. Instead of using new materials and exhausting our global resources, Furnify sources exclusively used materials for the designs.

The Furnify team developed an amazing detective mode for authentic furniture pieces. Whether it’s at Marktplaats, left alone in an office or 1000 unemployed copies of ugly looking desks, Furnify knows how and where to give those items a second, third or even fourth life.

The team collaborates with second life interior suppliers, local craftsmen and designers. This network of experts is of great value for the projects. On one side Furnify knows when and which furniture items become available, on the other side they work closely with projectmanagers and designers, to be able to fit this furniture into the designs for a unique match.
The local craftsmen Furnify is working with, are all parties which are committed to be part of the sustainable circle. They recycle, upcycle, upholster or completely change a furniture item into something else, something new.

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These years of experience, a great database and an enormous drive to innovate makes Furnify a unique organization.
“Every furniture item has its own story, a history. In our work, we give this story a stage again, a new chapter. In addition, the space gets a unique and authentic character when we add these Furnify items to the design” tell Sabrina and Clarice – the Furnify team.

With its circular activities, Furnify intends to play an active role in strengthening the local and circular economy – an important step towards saving our planet.

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