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How a hospital room is able to palliate dying – article in BNI

The taboo of deaths happening in hospitals, couldn’t be more relevant right now. This article raises this topic which we should discuss: Not having dedicated space in a hospital, meant for palliative care.
Jochem Straatman, designer @ D/DOCK said: “And what struck me was the mentioning of cleaning personnel that feels quiet uncomfortable interacting with the (dying) patient and family. They have to do their job in 6 minutes per room. Their mindset will be: ‘Nobody must start talking to me because I have to finish this room very quickly’. Already difficult the observation that most of them have uncomfortable feelings of having to talk to the terminal patients, without any training to engage with patients and family on a supportive human level, plus the rushed mindset, it’s not going to improve. Another example of the importance of social interaction for human comfort.”

Article in PDF – NOOK – BNI: “How a hospital room is able to palliate dying”

written by Melle Veltman, design VUmc by D/DOCK, photography Alan Jensen

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