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involves D/DOCK

to design and develop future spaces

JetBrains is an international software development company, for over 15 years they strive to make the strongest, most effective developer tools for organizations like Siemens, Twitter, Salesforce and AirBnB. With almost 1000 employees spread around the world, the company is growing fast. This organizations intrinsic motivation and vision is very much in line with D/DOCKs ideas on how we treat people, environments and the world around us. Jetbrains chose to work with D/DOCK (and Furnify) on several spaces and projects in Amsterdam and Munich. Coen van Dijck, CEO D/DOCK: “Since the very first meeting, we knew this collaboration would lead to daring, innovative projects. Yury’s holistic view matches with our vision to shape our community by design”. Yury Belyaev, Chief Administrative Officer, VP of Finance and Legal at JetBrains: “In D/DOCK we see an experienced team to support our ideas and bring us one level higher than we thought of our work environments could be.”

We are happy to announce this exiting collaboration and can’t wait to show you more! Keep following us for updates:

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