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Landlord becomes Blendlord

We introduce an upcoming trend we forecast in real estate: Landlord becomes “Blendlord”.

Over the course of the last decade, organizations have increasingly focused on improving connections and collaborations. Nowadays there is a general consensus that bringing people together will increase effectiveness, performance and innovative power.

However, the value that is generated by connecting users is often considered as a matter for tenants only. Real estate investors are traditionally not prioritizing the connection between their tenants, unless that would lead to improved marketability.

But this vision is changing rapidly and radically. Real estate investors discover the indirect returns that can be generated by honest tenant-connections, such as increased traffic, lower maintenance costs, publicity and opportunities for cross-selling and additional leasing income.

D/DOCK introduces a term for this more progressive kind of real estate investor: “Blendlord”. A “Blendlord” is a landlord with a more holistic view, who focusses therefore on bringing together tenants that have common values, in order to benefit from this tenant community that arises in their environment.

During the conference Workspace Re-Worked 2020, D/DOCK will further elaborate on this “Blendlord” and discusses what the impact will be on development, design and leasing. In a unique campfire-setting the team defines how blending will change our work environments. Moderator Susanne Heering is going to keep all participants engaged.

This event is scheduled 6 March 2020 in Edge Olympic, Amsterdam.
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