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Micro Polis completed with the Holosuite

Microsoft launches new digital customer experience

Finally we are able to present you the last icon in our work for Microsoft: the Holosuite.

On the first floor central outdoor patio, we’ve designed a digital space where state of the art technology is implemented to give the user a fully immersive experience. The Holosuite forms the foundation for a groundbreaking new way of storytelling; a 360° interactive screen, onto which you can showcase your content. This screen is also connected to the HoloLens (Augmented Reality glasses); an intuitive combination of 2 technologies which leaves only one term to use: Mixed Reality.

Several Microsoft partners developed immersive user experiences for training and innovation purposes. Be it a farmer who positions his crew in the Holosuite to learn how to work with the data the Hololens provides about the behavior of their cattle; an academic professor who uses the Hololens/ Holosuite combination to explain to his students in 3D how an ankle moves; or the water management engineer who can learn, in a fully immersive way, how to change an important component of the water system. One is able to develop many scenarios to make use of the Holosuite. The possibilities are endless and D/DOCK is proud to have contributed to this unique space which brings immersive digital storytelling and learning to life.

Preview video by Microsoft

More info in Microsoft blog



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