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Microsoft Netherlands: From office building to Smart Technology Hub

Our concept of ‘Micro Polis’ for Microsoft Netherlands Offices in Amsterdam (Schiphol) is now fully in use. Employees, customers and guests are enjoying the open spaces, the bar and the restaurant facilities and they start to discover more and more possibilities.

‘Micro Polis’ has now become a sustainable environment in constant change. Open and transparent, multifunctional and flexible, based on community thinking and daily rituals.

Everything is interconnected and with the latest technology in its hands, Microsoft has the ability to learn from and adapt its environment. It’s a home away from home. A space that boosts the health and happiness of its residents, users and visitors. It accommodates 72% dedicated space open for customers.

This Business Community contains several unique spaces which you will not find in any other office. The Public Arena for instance, is open, transparent and for hybrid usage. Whether you want to have a chat with a colleague and a good cappuccino, or you are just passing by and feel like a green smoothie while checking out Microsoft’s latest products.

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Another special area is this Silent Lounge. Here Microsoft employees are able to concentrate or relax, it is super quiet in here. The unique access tunnels make sure the mumbling sound of people and phones does not run into this Silent Lounge.

And then the HoloSuite. This space, which is being constructed on the patio garden and finished within a few months, will be the place to be for 5D interactive experiences, simulations and tests. The HoloSuite is digital transformation.

CEO Microsoft Netherlands Ernst-Jan Stigter says Microsoft was not looking for something evolutionary, but something more revolutionary. “From the very first beginning we have the feeling that D/DOCK understood our vision. What used to happen only with colleagues in this building, now happens with colleagues, partners and customers, real time, under this same roof. It doesn’t get any better.”

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Francesco Messori, our Creative Director is proud of the results of this co-creation project. And he emphasizes the main aspects: “The Micro Polis is focused on people, it’s not based on functional workplace. It is 100 places in one, where an inclusive learning environment is shaped for Microsoft and its eco-system of partners, customers and Microsoftees”