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Microsoft Netherlands in Het Parool

On December 8th we got featured in Dutch newspaper Het Parool.

Parool Artikel
Here’s a short summary in English:

“This is how the office of the future looks like”

Physical contact becomes valuable again. Journalist Herman Stil writes about het nieuwe Nieuwe Werken. 10 Years ago Microsoft promoted with the method het Nieuwe werken designing an office with only open spaces, only flex spots and sport facilities etcetera as the new way of working. But with the latest digital transformations; work, people and society change fast. D/DOCK already introduced several playful approaches on how to improve workplace environments, how to improve the quality of the office and the quality of work life.

Microsoft Netherlands then chose D/DOCK to develop these new floors, of which now more then half is open to public. “The idea is that employees search for a spot which fits the activity level of that moment. It could be talking informally with your colleagues, or concentrating alone in the Silent Lounge or making a phone call in a booth”.

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