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New director-partner at D/DOCK 

Thomas van Leeuwen becomes director-partner.

Together with Coen van Dijck and Francesco Messori they form the board.

After working at Stevens Van Dijck and ING Real Estate (currently CBRE Global Investors), Van Leeuwen joined the international design studio D/DOCK in 2013. Van Leeuwen sees many opportunities in bringing together design and real estate. “It is in multidisciplinary teams of architects and developers working together under one roof, that we can really see this added value emerge.”

“Buildings are places where people come together. Whether you’re talking about offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, homes, shopping centers or even cities, in the end we want to create a place where people feel comfortable. And that means working across disciplines and on different levels of scale, because you have to think from the perspective of both the user and the owner.”

Coen van Dijck, CEO of D/DOCK, sees this expansion as a logical step for the studio, “We see that building owners are increasingly involved in the tenants’ ambitions and goals. The strength of our studio is that we know both worlds inside out. Thomas, thanks to his experience and background, plays an important role in this connection.”

D/DOCK is active as a designer and delegated developer. Eventually, D/DOCK aims to take the role as a ‘risk bearing’ developer, initiating and realizing projects with a focus on, as D/DOCK calls it: Impact Development.

Impact development is a new form of real estate and area development where the social, and/or the environmental return, the ‘impact’, is paramount, without losing sight of the financial return. “Investors around the world are increasingly focusing on ESG investments where the environmental, social and governance impact is taken into account in addition to the usual financials. Although there is some scepticism about the measurability, at D/DOCK, we see this change as a great improvement towards sustainable and ethical investing. This means that social and environmental returns become important criteria in the boardrooms of real estate parties. D/DOCK is currently working on ten concepts and projects that take us a step further. The common goal of these projects to accomplish positive change: Impact Development.

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