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œ Operation Education enforces Learning Landscapes

Starting from 2021 D/DOCK welcomes a new partner for Learning Landscapes. Together with œ Operation Education we will enrich our workshops and host inspiring Learning Landscapes-sessions about the Dutch educational systems and related issues. This will take place in DB55 in Amsterdam, our new hub. More info will follow soon. Interested?

Operation Education is a foundation which enables educational leaders to be the change. Their mission and way of working fits perfectly with D/DOCK and Learning Landscapes. The Operation Education team, led by Claire Boonstra, offers interactive sessions to show and experience a fresh view on education for a better future.

“The continuing and increasing tensions in our educational ecosystem reveal a deeper problem: the system is failing people. Our education needs a new chapter; a story about how we see our society, how we can be human together. Especially in these unknowable times of major changes.
Operation Education works closely with leaders in education and development; leaders who want to take responsibility for education that contributes to the development of the well-being of people, society and the planet. In connection with this, we are also increasingly asked: ‘but what should we do with our school building?’ It is exactly this why a collaboration with Learning Landscapes and D/DOCK feels very natural!” says Claire Boonstra (œ)

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